Tips for Fundraising Success:

#1 Set a challenging but attainable goal – Your fundraising goal should be a stretch, but doable. Don’t be afraid to exceed your goals!

#2 Ask.. and then ask again – People can only donate if you have them the opportunity. Don’t be shy about asking more than once. People need to be reminded!

#3 Share your story – Everyone has a story & a reason why. Use your Cycle Camelot fundraising page, Facebook, and email to reach out to your friends. Share a story that comes from the heart and inspires compassion.

#4 Host a fundraising event – If asking for pledges isn’t your forte, hosting an event is a fun and unique way to fundraise for your Cycle team.

#5 Work as a team – Teams are great for camaraderie, encouragement, and friendly competition. Rely on your team for motivation. There’s strength in numbers!

#6 HAVE FUN – Remember why you’re doing this and who you’re helping, and remember to have fun!

For tips on how to share your story, click Here

HERE is a printable offline pledge form for anyone who wishes not to fundraise/support online, and prefers offline giving and fundraising.

Follow the links below for some letter/email templates that you can use to help spread the word and reach your goals!

A letter/email to let everyone know what you’re up to!

A letter/email asking for support from those who have supported you in the past.

A letter/email asking for pledges.

A letter/e-mail thank all your supporters for their generosity and kindness.